Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday Season

Did I mention that Girl-child had a birthday this week?  

I found the perfect cracker-card for her (It was quite loud):

It came with a mask:

My Christmas cactus is beautiful this week:

I love flowers.


Mary Lou said...

I am a total Christmas cactus failure, so I've given up. Yours is lovely. Nice to have on a dreary day.

soxanne said...

Turns out the trick is to have it cool and dark 12 hours a day for six weeks and voila - it blooms!

At my house it only bloomed on the side that faced the window … this year I left it on my balcony until just before the first frost.


kmkat said...

My mom gave me her decades-old Christmas cactus -- and I killed it :-( Turns out that not watering for weeks and weeks is fatal. Who knew? Yours is lovely.

What does the cracker card say?