Monday, April 22, 2013

Waiting for Spring in Minneapolis

This is from last Thursday night/Friday morning. We are expecting more tonight. A friend mentioned that she's expecting to hear of an Annie Proulx-style weather related homicide soon. I couldn't agree more; just hope you aren't reading about me in the papers.

My only consolation is that I don't have to shovel.

This is the latest addition to my home decorating color therapy (found it on eBay, went to MOA to see what else may be available before taking the plunge, found it there for 1/3 the price!):

Purgatory goes on and on, doesn't it?  One of my mother's sisters stopped by with her husband when I was there.  I want people to visit her, but I don't want them to see her the way she is.

It's easy to understand why family members quit visiting people in nursing homes.

Found this at the Morgan Library in New York - first edition!  Every woman should read it at least once in her life (I was going to say every woman who's ever felt moments of insanity, but what woman hasn't?):

Cool columns from The Cloisters:

I found this very funny.  Kind of reminded me of John Waters' story of going to a Care Bear movie by himself.  Everyone in the theater moved away from him.  Funny and sad, I guess, that they have to post notice in the parks.

This is apparently the new approach to waiting areas in airports.  People watching isn't nearly as fun as it used to be, partly because there is no interaction between humans, only humans with their machines.

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