Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I just want to say, I'll be leaving town tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited

After last year, I promised myself I would take a trip this year that did not involve a child or work

Tomorrow that is happening

Although I did not choose my destination for the weather, it looks like there will be a 50 degree temperature change for me tomorrow

Very hard to pack for that

As far as what's happening here....well...The Girls are in the process of purchasing a house

There is an amazing built-in buffet (below), and the tile in front of the fireplace (above) is awesome!

There have been lots of flowers

and Purgatory has a button tree that I rather like

Don't know if I'll post while I'm gone, but hopefully I'll have pictures next week


Silvernfire said...

Bon voyage!

soxanne said...


kmkat said...

1. What a great house!
B. Who are The Girls?
iii. Have a great time!