Monday, October 1, 2012

Now that the moving is done (I have to go back and read the water meter today, before the signing, but that is all), I thought I would try to catch up on a few things.  I refuse to confess how long it took me to empty out that house and clean it, but it was a lot longer than I anticipated.  Thanks to friends and family for making it happen.

In stark contrast, today I'm kind of feeling like a Lady of Leisure, since I took a vacation day for the closing. First of all, there was this, from the Rapid City paper on 9/12. I don't know which is the more bizarre headline; that they've used the Crazy Horse monument as a backdrop for a 9/11 commemoration, or that the locals are excited about a second WalMart.
See this t-shirt, regarding fighting terrorism since 1492....also, I happen to be one of those snobs who refuses to shop at WalMart (at least I will until there is nothing else left).

I wove in ends last Friday night at KNO.  Two pairs of socks are now ready to go, and these are done - the fingerless mitts that were put on hold while I made chemo caps.  I like the way they turned out.  I made them long in the hand, so that she can flip the cuff up for driving, because I find most fingerless mitts to be a bit short when I'm holding on to a cold steering wheel.

This is a Christmas gift in progress.  It's not a surprise - she picked out the yarn from my stash, so I can post about them (this is the yarn that some thought looked blood-stained when I posted a photo of the hank):
I made this a while back, but I don't think I posted. It's the wonderful Koolhaas pattern by Jared Flood made with some of the last of Rowan's Calmer yarn. Calmer was the best for chemo caps, as it is super soft, has no wool, but unlike cotton, it has a little spring to it. A shame it's been discontinued.

For any details on the knitting see my Ravelry page.

That's it for today :-)  Thanks for listening.

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kmkat said...

Elder Son has a t-shirt a bit like that. His has Native Americans on horseback with rifles, and the caption is "My heroes have always killed cowboys."

You mean that is NOT blood on the yarn?