Sunday, October 21, 2012

MN Knitters' Days

Minnesota Knitters' Days was this past weekend, and I got to go for the first time ever... There was a visit to an alpaca farm:

I hadn't been to a farm in a long time.  It was fun.  I still hate cows.

The retreat was at Villa Maria in Frontenac, Minnesota.  
Lovely spot.

I walked the labyrinth this morning, which was very therapeutic.  It made me realize that I should heed my own advice to others, and slow down a bit.  (I am constantly telling Auntie to slow down).

I tried thanking my wonderful, late friend Sue Fisher for ever telling me about it in the first place as I walked the labyrinth.  I hope she was listening.

The instructor for the weekend was none other than...

... Lucy Neatby.  What an amazing person.  The woman is a genius.

I had a great time... I exercised great restraint and did not purchase yarn ... my thanks to Kmkat for being a great room mate  ... also thanks to Jean for getting me on the list.

Knitters are fun and interesting people... I hope I get to go again next year.


Silvernfire said...

It looks like a lovely place for a retreat. I'm glad you had a good time. (And are now a master double knitter, right?)

monster said...

YAY! I'm so gad you had a blast and got to be reflective.

kmkat said...

Your photos are wonderful. I especially love the sun flare over the barn. And Eleanor The Diva Alpaca, of course. Thanks for being my roomie, and never let anyone give you grief for your barely audible snores.