Monday, September 3, 2012

Diary of a Mad Packer

Can I just say, I don't understand how this stuff can still be multiplying. I mean, I pack a bunch of boxes with stuff, and I take stuff to Goodwill, and I throw stuff away, and I take stuff to storage, and then I go back to the salt mines, look around, and there's not even a dent in the stuff. There is stuff everywhere.

How is this possible?

I think that Scotty was wrong, and that the laws of physics can be changed.

I'm sure it's a plot.

Probably my X is behind it.

Or maybe I'm just losing my mind.

Plus, for a really creepy coincidence, I took a break and watched The Green Mile this weekend. I was thinking to myself, seriously, that this guy was so convincing, and so endearing, and so amazing, that if I'm ever asked that silly question of, "If you could have any single superpower, which one would you choose?" that I will answer, "I would want to be a curandera" because that guy in The Green Mile was so awesome.

Just sayin'

(or maybe I'd want the superpower that makes stuff disappear)

1 comment:

Rose the Gypsy said...

My rule it to never leave two mugs in the same cabinet (they BREED!). Perhaps "stuff" does that too when it feels like it might become extinct.