Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bus, Train, Plane and Van (no automobiles)

*I took the light rail to the airport this morning

*Love the light rail

*I noticed the date displayed at the platform, and today marks 44 years since my father died

*He was 44 when he died

*This seems significant, in a morbid way

*Finally figured out the shortcut into the terminal (hooray!)

*Flunked security


*Apparently my skirt was still swishing when the scanner ran

*No moving fabric allowed


*I forgot to extract my liquid toiletries before putting my bag on the belt

*They didn't notice that


*Just finished
Fall of Giants on audio

*Audiobooks are great when you're packing

*I really tore through that one

The sequel comes out on Sept 18th

*Downloaded something from the library to hold me over

*Wait for Me! by the Duchess of Devonshire, Deborah Mitford

*Hope it's good

*Conference starts tomorrow morning

*I think I have to present, but I'm not sure, and if I do, I don't know which day I'm on

*Normally I take this sort of thing more seriously

*My topic, if in fact I have to present, is on the use of humor in information literacy

*You could say that the title is also the punchline, dontcha think?

*Should be interesting


Mary Lou said...

I had a jar of blueberry jam in my carryon yester, coming back from Maine. The Tsa took it, and i said I
Nderstood food was allowed. Apparently, jam isn't food, it's liquid.

anne rojas said...

Bummer on the jam.

I returned tonight and the swishy skirt caused problems again; another pat down.

Or maybe I really am suspicious looking?