Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crazy, Religion, Art, Boxes

Did anyone else watch any of the video that has caused the rioting and killing?

It's really stupid and mean

Of course, one could argue that killing people over a stupid video is even dumber and meaner

Events like this are what make people like me dislike religion

I've been packing

A lot of boxes

More now; this photo was taken yesterday

Some empty cupboards and closets

One neighbor came by and said I had a lot to do still

Another neighbor came over and said I had a lot done

I like the second neighbor better

Plus she brought cupcakes
I've come down off the sugar now and I don't feel like packing any more

Campbell's Soup has a special pop-art 50th anniversary display

Looking at a cool and quirky condo in NE Minneapolis tomorrow

Hate packing

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kmkat said...

You (and everyone) need to read this about That Movie: