Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Springtime Knitting and Events

It's springtime in the big city.

Which means we had the big shop hop. I did not participate in the shop hop, as it involved 14 stores this year. 14 shops in four days is too much even for me. I did, however visit two of my favorites. Isn't this display great?

This shop has fabric too, and a pink duct-tape dress with duct-tape flower appliques.

I finished a pair of socks - the stripes pooled around the ankles, which means Girl-child will probably get them. She doesn't mind the pooling so much. The colors are great - colorway is called Vampire's Kiss, which is without a doubt why I purchased it.
I won sock blockers at Knitters' Guild this month - how awesome is that? Now my lace socks will look so much lacier!

And, of course, I cast on a new pair of socks since I always have to have a pair on the needles. This is a beautiful dark green with just a little blue. They'll be for Boy-child, since he's not going to school in the tropics.
Also, Yarnover is a week from Saturday, made extra exciting because RK is coming to town for it ....

... plus, I sent in my check for Minnesota Knitters' Days with Lucy Neatby in October, and I have The Kat for a room mate!

Life is good...yarn and friends...friends and yarn...


Mary Lou said...

I worked at the Yarnery Sunday afternoon, and there were people who had already done 13 shops. Made me tired just thinking about it!

soxanne said...

At Drunken Knit Night (Friday) there was a gal who had already been to all 14 shops - in two days! I almost fell out of my chair (not because of too much beer...)

kmkat said...