Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Travels

The irony was not lost on us when it snowed in Santa Fe...Boy-child wanted to go to school somewhere waemer than Minnesota...when we went to Arizona in November, it snowed, and now in Santa Fe.

When we went to Chicago in February it did not snow.

He'll be going to school in Chicago.

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kmkat said...

My husband is from Chicago. You may or may not want to tell Son that the cold in Chicago is damp, bone-chillingly damp, unlike the dryer cold in MN and the parched coolness of AZ and NM. The worst cold is right around 32 degrees with a wind, and that is what you will find in Chicago.

On the other hand, Chicago is a great town to eat in -- lots and lots of ethnic neighborhoods and interesting places to eat. We were there once and called ahead to order duck from a restaurant Smokey knew from his youth. "You want the part that hops or the part that flies?" asked the person on the phone.