Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Long Way Home

Did I mention that Boy-child is in town? Yes, I believe I did.

We went to visit a couple of schools last weekend - one in Chicago and one in Santa Fe. The Chicago visit was part scholarship competition. Since we travel stand-by we took the MegaBus there (weren't going to take any chances - wouldn't want to miss out on a scholarship opportunity!).

The school in Chicago was great. He really liked it. We'll know about the scholarship in a couple of weeks.

Then we set out for Santa Fe via Atlanta (I know, the hub and spoke system does not always provide us with the most direct route). We kind of wondered if we should even go, given that the school in Chicago seemed like such a great fit, but Boy-child and I kind of like adventure. Plus I've always wanted to see Santa Fe.

We got as far as Atlanta and then we got bumped. We hung out a little trying to decide if we should go to Santa Fe, even though we would miss a big chunk of the planned activities, or go home.

It was decided we would go home.

All the flights to the Twin Cities were full.

So we went through Washington, D.C.

We had a long enough layover at DCA that I could have even gone to Alexandria to pop into my favorite yarn shop there, Fibre Space.

But I didn't. I was actually too tired by then to even care.

On a positive note, I got a lot of knitting done.

We're home now. Recovered. Rested.

Wondering where we should go next.

(Oh, and if he ends up going to the school in Chicago, it's a lot easier to travel standby, and there's always the MegaBus for backup).

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kmkat said...

I love your map. Travel -- you never know what you may encounter (or never see, such as Santa Fe).