Monday, January 30, 2012

On Being a Caricature of Myself

I (correctly) anticipated a problematic Monday morning today, so on my way to work stopped at Caribou for a treat. I like checking out the trivia question (actually, more than that, I hate not knowing the answer to the trivia question) when I stop by.

Today’s was easy…something like, “What city was Nemo going too in Finding Nemo?”

This is how the exchange went in the shop:

Me: Medium latte with skim…the city was Sydney and to should have only one “oh”

Young man at the counter: (to the Young woman at the espresso machine): It’s Sydney and to should have only one “oh”

YMatC: (to Me) Are you a teacher?

Me: No, a librarian

YMatC: (bursts out laughing)

YWatEM: My high school English teacher would be really unhappy with me…

Me: (smile/grimace)

(image found at the Davenport Public Library)

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kmkat said...

We go through life correcting one small error after another. Eventually, the world will be perfect ;-)