Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Knitting and Frogging

I finished a cowl (Eskers by Mary Lou Egan in Rowan Cocoon) Friday night right after I got home from Drunken Knit Night. There were tons of people there; one of my favorites amongst them. It was a good time :-)

I also recently finished a shawl/scarf made from the last part of a hostess gift I received last April (thank you again, Rosemary). I ended up carrying some fuzzy yarn with it, which makes it lovely, although it sheds. Oh well. Being covered in fuzz is part of my personality now, I guess.

And I finally came to terms with the fact that I would never put together the Must Have Cardigan of Yarn Harlot fame ala 2008, so I frogged the whole thing. The yarn is drying after having a bath last night. It will be wound and worked into something I'll wear - right now there are three pattern possibilities.


sophanne said...

There is such great joy in frogging what will never be. I've got the yarn from a 4 year old Tangled cardigan to prove it!

kmkat said...

The cowl, the scarf... lovely! The frogged yarn.. what will it become now?

monster said...

Great pictures of the shawl.