Sunday, January 8, 2012

Floor, Hat, Kids

We've been busy here this past week - the floors were refinished. That means they went form looking like this:

and this:

to looking like this:

and this:
Pretty exciting stuff.

After making hats for Boy-child and all of his friends over the past couple of years, I made one for myself this week (Knotted Cables by Mary Lou Egan in Malabrigo Twist color: Purple Mystery):

I love this hat with this yarn. If it ever gets cold this winter I'm sure I'll use it.
The Girls enjoyed some swing dancing on the beautiful "new" floor before we moved the furniture back:

And Boy-child sent me a shot of himself, holding the moon this week:

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. The winner of the naming contest is Rose the Gypsy, with "soxclops" - I'll be mailing a prize this week. I thought more lurkers would come out, but some of those folks just won't expose themselves to the light of day!

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kmkat said...

Which is more gorgeous, the floors or the hat? Hard to say, really.