Monday, December 19, 2011

Knitting - not for the holidays

So, I got my holiday knitting done ages ago. I'm kind of odd that way; I either do no holiday knitting, or I do it all in the summer so I don't have to stress out over it. This year I did the latter.* The following photos show Vampire Kiss socks (because I always have to have a sock on the needles), the most recent pair of socks to be finished (which were cast on in September because I always have to have a pair of socks on the needles), and a pair of glittens, because I decided I want a pair for myself. I was going to skip the glove part, until someone laughed at me because I said I would do "the diddly part for others' but not for myself" (thanks, Nicole).
*a good thing too, since I have plenty of other stuff to stress out over this year.

Has anyone else noticed that the Blogger app for iPad sucks?


sophanne said...

Blogger app for iPad sucks, yes. Muchly.

Word verification? Cursing.

Samanthix said...

Glittens! I love it. They look great, and so does the Peasy sweater.