Sunday, December 4, 2011

An iPad Sweater and Christmas Cactus

I decided my iPad was going to need a sweater now that winter is upon us, so I made one this weekend with leftovers (I feel like it needs a caption, "Do these stripes make me look fat?"):
And, my Christmas cactus, which I had just been researching because it hadn't bloomed in the two years since I bought it, has flowered! Turns out you have to put it in a dark, cool place for 12 hours a day for several weeks to get it to bloom. I didn't think I'd ever achieve that, but it turns out if it's next to a cold window, it will bloom on the window side, since it is cold and dark for long stretches every day.
What a lovely surprise, eh?

1 comment:

kmkat said...

I love Christmas cacti (and Thanksgiving cacti and Easter cacti). Pretty!

Tell your iPad that it looks sleek and comfy and warm and well-cushioned (in a good way, of course) :-)