Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The School

The school itself is very nice. It's not a traditional campus, like Macalester or the U of M, but rather a mish-mash of buildings in a small, Victorian town.

Right now they have a little bit of construction going on. Progress and all that:

There are beautiful views all around, though, from the library (the best building on campus, as it should be):

cacti growing on the roof of the cafe across the way:

And, of course, there are books and journals.

They live their philosophy, reusing and recycling as much as possible. The library building has a lot of re-used material and the bike cage below was a student project that basically collects bikes and bike parts so that folks who need one can have a bicycle available for their use.

The bathrooms have bottles which were excavated from a building site worked into the walls, along with collected stone (the old clinic burned down years ago, the refuse and remains plowed back into the ground) .

I like this sort of thing. You know you're not in Minnesota any more when there's vegetation like this.

There is a creek that runs through town, although it can be dry at times.

Interiors can be quite bright and creative, like this Seuss-inspired wall:

I find cactus and snow to be a bizarre combination.

The grazing horses are an art project made of "trash"

I hope Boy-child can deal with the hippies ;-)

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I take it Boy-Child has a conservative bent?