Sunday, November 27, 2011


I finally put buttons on the Peasy sweater. No guarantee they won't change.

And for the record, there was very little yarn leftover (Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool):

These socks are not actually done, but one is done and the second on the way. It's one of those pairs that kind of accidentally got started, and suddenly they're over halfway done.

This is the Montego Bay scarf, done with the sock yarn purchased when I was in Rapid City for my annual work conference in October. It's the perfect pattern for a skein of sock yarn. The colors are kind of cream, brown, blue and burgundy. Sort of. It'll go with a lot.

I also worked in the ends of three pairs of gift socks this weekend, cleaned the gutters and finished ripping out some carpet. Very productive weekend, plus there was good food and conversation. Hooray for long weekends!

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kmkat said...

I made a Montego Bay scarf once. Great pattern, drove me absolutely crazy. A 2-stitch, 2-row pattern, and it drove up the wall. Smokey even commented one evening as we were watching TV and I was working on it that it seemed to be giving me fits. I finally had to put in stitch markers every 10 stitches. Had to move them every row, too, but it was better than the alternative.

I think I need to make that pattern again. It cannot possibly be as trying the second time...