Thursday, November 17, 2011

Knitting: Mine and Another's. And Yarn

I recently finished the Peasy sweater.
My only problem with it now is buttons. I've purchased three sets so far. And asked two people for their esteemed opinions. I still haven't decided.

Girl-child received a hat recently from Rose the Gypsy. Rose had made one for the Minnesota Knitters' Guild service project this year, and sent it (along with two others) to my house so that I could deliver them (which I did, last Tuesday). When I told Rose that Girl-child was thinking of stealing one of them, an offer was made to deliver a custom order to her. It is, as you can see, adorable.
And, while I've been really, really good about the yarn diet, I have been purchasing souvenir yarn. This is what I purchased in Prescott (locally dyed):
So much yarn, so little time


Rose the Gypsy said...

And who introduced this knitting addiction to Rose the Gypsy? ;-)

kmkat said...

Love the Peasy. I faved it on Ravelry a day or two ago. Show us the buttons!