Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wonder and Monsters

One last shot from Shadow Puppets. You know how there are moments when you are reminded of that special sense of wonder that children have? This little girl provided us with one of those moments at the Kenwood show:
Then we stumbled upon a monster artist at the Red Hot Art event in Stevens Square Park yesterday. I love, love, love her stuff.
Many of her monsters make me think of Where The Wild Things Are. She also reminds me of Girl-child; two young women who maintain a child-like playfulness in life. It can manifest itself in little things that are part of everyday or through their more formal creative efforts . It doesn't really matter, since it's all great fun and makes others smile.
She has an etsy shop and a facebook page. Stop by and visit her.
There were lots of other things there too, but I can't share today. I love Christmas shopping in July.

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