Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Woots

Oh my, this 50 hours a week thing is hard!

I get two days off this weekend.

Sunday and Monday.


I see stuff that inspires me to comment and/or rant

But I don't really have the energy or the time to post

I'd rather knit or read in the little spare time I have

Or sleep

I found an amazing list on Hula70 - Things I'd Tell My 17 Year Old Self (Jun 27 post)

I love her lists

OMG What a lot of time I could spend in that space!

My new shawl looks wonderful

My cardigan is inching along

Still no photos

Boy-child is registered for AWESOME classes in the fall

Who knew we'd be here a year ago?


Girl-child is doing After Sunset Shadow Puppet shows in the parks again

Starts Wednesday next week

I will not be at work that night

That means I get to go


Three woots

I'm done

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