Saturday, June 19, 2010

Professional Musings

I was asked where a librarian can go after being at the U?* Lots of places, I think. My new position is at a small campus of a for-profit institution. I know folks at the U look down at small for-profits, and think I'm "lowering" myself by coming here but frankly, I like what I do here. It's a lot like my volunteer work, only with a librarian emphasis instead of ESL teacher emphasis (although I'll probably do some tutoring of basics here on occasion too).

The thing is, what I (currently) do at the U is stuff I don't value. One of my primary tasks, for instance, is to supervise three people - two who don't need to be supervised and a third who refuses to be supervised. What I do at the new school is mostly instruction. The students here are non-traditional, most never had an opportunity to go to college, all are enthusiastic to improve their situation. Most of what is studied here has a practical application (nursing, paralegal, etc).

Everyone here is looking up. Some are looking up from a long way down, but they are nonetheless looking up.

*and btw, I never had a librarian title at the U. Library Assistant, Library Supervisor, but not Librarian


samanthix said...

You're going from a bloated research institution that doesn't value anyone (including its students or support staff) to a relative newcomer that is grateful to everyone for its own success -- you've made the right decision!

Anonymous said...

The most important thing -- the only thing -- that matters is that YOU like your job and its environment. Good for you on making the move.