Monday, June 7, 2010


The countdowns begin.
One is in anticipation of Girl-child coming home from Ghana. We've heard from her several times now. I can't wait to hear all about it. She'll be home in a week. I took the day off.
The other is a countdown for quitting my old job.
I started the new one last week. This is my new office. It has a window AND a door. The computer has not arrived yet, so this one is borrowed. All in all so far so good. The culture couldn't be more different than what I've gotten to know at the U of M.
The tent caterpillars are still around. It's funny, because I had quit noticing them since they're not EVERYWHERE any more, and then I saw a group of young children run over to this tree saying, "This is the caterpillar tree! Look! Look!" I love how eavesdropping on others' conversations can give us new perspectives. I'd never noticed that this was a preferred tree for tent caterpillars before. (I wonder what this tree looked like a couple of weeks ago when you couldn't walk down the sidewalk without stepping on a few?)
Boy-child and I scored a four movie set for $23. Yeah!
I'm looking forward to watching Bogart and Bacall after long days of double duty this summer.


samanthix said...

A window *and* a door? Yes, that really is different. Enhorabuena!

Suzique said...


Anonymous said...

Dare I ask where an academic librarian goes when she leaves the U of M? Mac? Hamline? Billy Mitchell? Wherever, having an office with a door AND a window is a thing to be desired.