Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shop Hop Weekend

It was the annual shop hop weekend here in the Twin Cities. No, I didn't have to go. But I did.
I found lots of novelty yarn, which is good for tagging, in the sale bins.

I found some very bright green sock yarn, which I think Girl-child will like.
Temptation is hard to resist.
I am hopeless.
For works in progress, this is my no-brainer for the summer; it's a silk scarf in a fish net pattern. Actually, the pattern is called Montego Bay and the color of the yarn is Hummingbird. It's looking nice and the yarn is yummy.

I think I forgot to mention the socks that were interrupted by the broken wrist were finished while I was in physical therapy. They're for Boy-child, who likes his reinforced toes and heels to be in a contrasting color.
And I whipped up another hat for Boy-child. I think by the end of winter he had given all of his hats away. I couldn't make him a new one though, because of the wrist. I am now prepared for fall. (It looks much better on, but today it's 87 degrees out, so you'll just have to imagine it).

And this is a cardigan. Really. You are looking at the back and part of the collar and shoulder.

I wonder when/if I'll ever finish it?

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Anonymous said...

1. I have a couple skeins of *interesting* yarn to share with you for tagging.
B. Montego Bay almost broke my brain last year. Never mind that it is a essentially 2-row, 2-stitch pattern; I still couldn't do it until I put markers every 10 stitches. Yes, I am lame.
iii. I love Boy-Child's contrasting heels and toes! ::must remember that for myself::