Monday, May 24, 2010


Irony the First
It is hotter in the Twin Cities than it is in Accra, Ghana. Really. I have my iGoogle page set up with current temps in both cities and today is the second day in a row that it's hotter here. Of course, we broke a record here and it's not as humid as it is in Ghana, but still. Ironic.

Irony the Second
This one is tragic. You know that oil well that is deep under water and far off shore and proving nearly impossible to plug up and stop? They drill deep and far from shore because of environmental issues with drilling near the shore. If it weren't so deep and far they wouldn't be having such a hard time getting it under control. (thanks Pato)

Irony the Third
We were in a little traffic jam the other night. Turned out there was a state trooper and two cars pulled off to the side on the exit ramp. Do you know what the person in front of us did? He rear-ended the person in front of him. We all heard the big crunch. Even the trooper who was standing right there. Bummer. Then there were four cars and a state trooper pulled over.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone moved the Midwest to the equator. I'm thinking that's what happened.