Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On Travel

So I see this woman at the bus stop and she has on a wonderful scarf and a conversation ensues, something like this:

Soxanne: Nice scarf!

The Woman With the Great Scarf: Thank you!

S: Did you get it around here?

TWWtGS: No, it's from Mexico. My daughter bought it for me there.

S: Oh, terrific, I'm headed there next week! I can look for something like it.

TWWtGS: Oh, what fun! Where are you going in Mexico?

S: Mexico City.

TWWtGS: (A look of horror on her face) Ugh! Are you going on business?!?

S: No, my daughter wants to see Frida Kahlo's house so we're going for a few days to visit the museum and Teotihuacan and what ever else we can fit in.

TWWtGS: (Long pause. Not sure how to describe the facial expression. Astonishment? Fearful fascination? Incredulity?) Oh. Isn't it .... ?

S: Big. Yes, it's a big city. And dirty. Very crowded. Lots to see.

The conversation didn't go very well after that. I guess she's been to a Mexican beach at some point. Does that count as having been to Mexico? I mean, can she tell people she's traveled to Mexico if she's been to Ixtapa or someplace like that?

I don't think we'll be chatting on the bus much in the future. I mean, what if I slipped up and told her I've driven to Mexico. More than once. Or that I know someone who rode a bike to Ushuaia.

Maybe this is why not many people talk to me on the bus.

I should have kept the iPod earphones in and kept my mouth shut.

Except now I know to look for scarves in Mexico.

Because I could use another scarf.

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