Monday, March 8, 2010

Off-Year Politics

For those of you unfamiliar with grass-roots politics ...

Yesterday was the DFL Senate District Convention for my area. Non-presidential years are always interesting because the really local, really regular activists are out in force.

This was the gauntlet one had to pass through, picking up literature along the way, in order to get in the building:
Chaos reigns inside:
Call to order in one minute:
I had the most delightful experience sitting next to a woman who had never participated before. She was so enthusiastic, so fresh, so excited. She actually had a binder with all the literature people had been sending her since caucus.

I felt so jaded and cynical.

While I was there as an undecided with the hope of trimming down of the number of candidates, I was very tempted to join the Bakk-Choi sub-caucus:

Seriously, what's the chance that a name combination like that will ever bubble to the surface again?

"I am not a member of any organized party —
I am a Democrat"
~ Will Rogers

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Suzique said...

a binder? my kind of gal!

and this must be a record - three word verifications to get in. Keeps updating like crazy.