Sunday, February 21, 2010

Le Weekend

It was a weekend of ups and downs. I will stick to the good parts.

I went to Knit Night Friday at The Yarnery where Jean, the best knit night hostess ever, brought up the subject of knit tagging. Half of the people there hadn't heard of it. They had some laughs from my story of the run-in with the police and others had good stories too. I also found out about this friend of Jean's. There was a woman visiting from California who had done some very interesting knitterly travel, including visits to Norway and Fair Isle. Fair Isle has to be one of the more exotic places I've ever heard of anyone traveling to, and I think that's saying something, given that I worked in the travel industry for nearly twenty years. (It is not, however, on my list of places I'd like to visit).

A couple of Macalester students were at Knit Night too. Boy-child, in the meantime, was hanging out with friends at Macalester where he begs and swaps clothes on a regular basis.

A Midwestern Holden Caulfield

I went to the Minnesota Knitters' Guild annual tea today where I saw one of the women who organizes Yarnover. I told her how thrilled I was when I got my classes for this year, and that I get the hiccups whenever I think about it I am so excited. (I have class with Jared Flood in the Morning and Franklin Habit in the afternoon).

Other weekend activities included volunteering Saturday at Franklin Learning Center where I worked with two young women studying for the citizenship test (one of my favorite activities), I started reading A Mercy by Toni Morrison, and Pato and I watched The Time Traveler's Wife. I thought was pretty good, which sometimes happens if enough time has passed since I read the book.

And last but not least, I've gotten to the 25% mark on the cranberry Seaweed Stole:

I am rather pleased with it. I may have to rename it though. Maybe the Broken Wrist Shawl?


Suzique said...

NICE! you can knit while your wrist is knitting! (and my clay piece at MIA got broken by presumably able bodied staff or volunteers...)

BC looks fabulous. Love the Salinger allusion.

Suzique said...

and he still looks like his dad.