Saturday, February 27, 2010


There has been a 8.8 magnitude earthquake near Concepcion, Chile. (The earthquake in Haiti was 7.0. The Richter Scale measures exponentially.) Fortunately for Chile, many of the modern buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes. But there are older buildings too.

Here's your geography lesson of the day: Concepcion is south of Santiago. Our house is north of Santiago. We are hopeful that Pato's parents are ok. We do know people in other parts of the country, including Concepcion. We are very anxious to hear from everyone. Of course, it will be a while since communication is down.

So keep Chile in your thoughts today, as well as all of the people across the Pacific who could be affected by the potential tsunami.

Thanks. We'll keep you posted when we have details.


Suzique said...

Just got the frightening news; you all are in my thoughts.

Scott said...

I just heard the news and immediately thought of you. I hope all your loved ones are OK.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you immediately when I read the news. Hoping Pato's family and your frieds are okay.