Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Caucus and Other Pass Times or What To Do When You Find Yourself One-handed

Last night was caucus night in our fair city. I was tricked into being the Convenor for my precinct, which meant some extra work. Off I went with Boy-child in tow; he was, quite literally, my right-hand-man.

Non-presidential years are good ones to be active. The group was small last night. My only difficult attendee was my (Pseudo) Co-convenor. One of my more amicable attendees was a former mayor. We had many representatives of candidates visit, and one gubernatorial candidate, (Minneapolis) Mayor R. T. Rybak showed up in the flesh. (For the record, my status is undecided).

Girl-child was in class, so she didn't attend. Boy-child watched because he refuses to declare himself a Democrat, which meant he could not participate. He and I agree to disagree on politics, although we do agree that representative democracy is special.

I am knitting a hat for Boy-child, which is moving along at a snail's pace. I've hit the decreases which are especially difficult with the cast. In the meantime, Girl-child made a mitten-cap for my fingers since I can't get any mitten or glove over the goofy thumb of my cast:
Cool, huh? The color is off but the cap is very green - looks great with the purple cast.

I've been working on the Paris map puzzle I received for Christmas too. The only pieces left are the ones that all look alike:
This color is more accurate:
Excuse the glare; I'm not home during daylight hours except for the weekend. It's pretty impossible to take photos these days:
I'm also reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which is really, really good. I've already bought the sequel from Audible and loaded it into my iPod. What I can't understand is how my slacker book club ended up with a 600 page book for the February pick.

Ok, in looking up the links I have just discovered that the author is no longer living, that the three books he wrote were found unpublished when he died in 2004 and that the original Swedish title was Men That Hate Women


Suzique said...

Two book comments:

1. What difference does it make how long the book is, if you don't have to read it? ;-)

2. Was the author killed by a woman?

Suzique said...

February?? it's the *February* pick?? ack!!! I'd better get started!!!

Anonymous said...

Those "The Girl Who..." books are EXCELLENT! I listened to the first one, read the second, and am saving the third for a special treat.

Love your finger sock! I actually wondered if you needed such a thing -- yay for a Girl-Child who knits :)