Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some Movies

It occurred to me that I haven't written about any movies for a while; I'm not sure why, since we watch a lot of movies. Then I looked at our Netflix activity. Not too many good ones. Maybe that's why I don't mention them.

But they weren't all bad.

We saw Sunshine Cleaning, which was ok. Kind of cute. Entertaining enough. (Don't they wish they had me to endorse their film?). Actually, I love Alan Arkin. Especially since Little Miss Sunshine (ironic that he likes Sunshine movies but always plays the crank, eh?). Boy-child was unimpressed with the movie, but loves Emily Blunt.

And Death At a Funeral. Now that was funny. I don't like much in the line of funny, but this was hilarious.

We re-watched In Bruges and Ocean's Eleven, which were both good. In Bruges especially. Even if it was on the violent side.

We also saw - a while ago now - Vitus and Der Tunnel which were both excellent. Forgive me if I'm repeating myself.

The children got me to watch Firefly and Serenity not so long ago, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Especially Firefly. I expected John Wayne to show up in that spaceship at any moment.

And since I've digressed into T.V., I'd just like to mention that I love the show, Bones, which Girl-child got me hooked on. Pato watches it now too. And last week's was particularly good for a number of reasons, not least of which was that the sub-culture that was being examined was suburban USA. Loved that.


Anonymous said...

I watched the entire Firefly series on DVD last year -- loved it! I watched Serenity, too, but really, it was the series that was the best. Now to find Death at a Funeral on DVD... (and add Bones to my Hulu queue)

Suzique said...

How funny - we watched Sunshine Cleaning last night. I enjoyed it! Netflix is going to be keeping me supplied with Mad Men for the time being. Yeah!