Saturday, October 10, 2009

On the Arrival of Winter

Just this week I was noticing how it's kind of dark when I'm on the way to the bus stop.
I love autumn. I believe I've mentioned that before.
This morning there was snow on the ground. It's gone now, but we're on our way to winter.
A lot of people dread the snow and the cold and the short days, but I like the change of seasons. I like snow. I find cold, sunny days invigorating as opposed to the hot, humid days of summer which make me lethargic.

Of course, knitting is a lot more fun in cooler weather, plus you get to use your hand knits. I've finished the Christmas Commission Socks. Well, technically I have to weave in the ends, but there's plenty of time to do that before they get packed up and mailed on Monday.
I am unable to accurately capture the color of this yarn. It is a beautiful lavender with greens. Oh well. Maybe I'll get in Franklin's Photographing Your Knitting class at Yarnover 2010 and then I won't have this problem any least I think he's going to be teaching that class.

I knit like a madwoman all week to get to a point in the Circumnavigated Cardigan where I could use Jean's help in class. I achieved my goal and also did a Japanese short row before leaving the shop this morning. The color is a heathered purple.
I have named my Circumnavigated the RTW Cardigan, in honor of the Round the World itineraries we used to work up in the olden days, when I toiled at The Evil Airline That No Longer Exists' International Rate Desk. (Circumnavigation of a different sort, that was).

This is one of the pockets (you get the idea?):
I still have this little number waiting for me - I'll try to take breaks from the RTW so I have a new scarf to wear. I have nothing in this color so it will be a welcome addition; Rose the Gypsy sent it to me as payment for the (above) Christmas Commission Socks.
And the vanilla sock for the bus at the moment is Boy-child's next pair; purple. I'm thinking red for the reinforcing thread, although if I can find lime green I'll do that instead.
Oh, and Boy-child already gave away his gray hat, so I'm going to whip one up in blue with some stashed Araucania. I'm glad he and his friends like hand knit hats, but sometimes I wish he were less generous.

So much yarn, so little time.


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the contrasting reinforcement thread!

fish said...

The RTW sweater pattern is fabulous ... I don't think I'd seen it before .. goood choice

Suzique said...

He gave away his hat?!!!

nice how the yarn matches that plate. :-)