Monday, March 30, 2009

Still Knitting

So I really have been knitting, albeit not as much as I would have expected over a long weekend.

I finished the first Wisterious Monkey - I love how it's looking, but find it impossible to photograph. Here's the texture:
And here's something kind of close to the correct color, but not really:
The wool/elastic turned out to be trickier to work with than I expected - I had to rip back a bit since it was starting to pool unexpectedly and looked like it was two different yarns with the same colorway:
I thought I would be going to clinic at the Yarnery for the sleeves this week but I don't like the way the seam looks so I guess I'll go this week for seams and next week for sleeves:
This is the third button band (don't ask):
We had fun going out to dinner out with Girl-child home on Sunday:
What a pair!

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Anonymous said...

wowwowwow...look at all that knitting!! socks look terrif! and that sweater is fabulous and that sheep on the mug is just so darn cute! and those 2 kids are darn cute, too.
the fish