Saturday, March 21, 2009

Old Pictures

So, Franklin's unforgettable capture of a baby not-smiling brought to mind an old photo; this was taken the first time we took the kids to Disneyland (1996?).

I don't remember why Boy-child was unhappy, but there you have it:
I can't believe, really, how accurately this photo illustrates their personalities.

In the meantime, Girl-child was cleaning her room and found these from the summer of the Lucy statues in St. Paul (2002).

Taken in front of the Science museum:


Anonymous said...

To paraphrase my #1 son at age 2, "Maybe he no yike ih-keem."

boo said...

I stand by my statement that we haven't changed; I'm still happy and Martin is still grumpy for reasons none of us can understand.