Sunday, April 27, 2008


So I don't have any pictures of yesterday's snow - I mean, who wants to see snow the end of April? Today was better, although the weather scene here in Minnesota doesn't seem to be "brightening" any time soon.

And what better thing to do when the weather is bad than to watch movies? Last night I watched The Green Mile. Really, it was very enjoyable and I'd forgotten a lot of the magical realism details. It's about the only Stephen King I'll watch. I also saw When Harry Met Sally with girl child the other night - I felt it was important that she see the legendary scene that ends with, "I'll have what she's having" now that she's about to go off to college. (Note that the deli scene gets its own paragraph in wikipedia). The movie was funnier than I'd remembered.

I had coffee with a couple of old Northwest Airlines friends this weekend too. Only one still works there; we who don't were reminded of how much we don't miss the airline business. With the Delta deal in the works, we are especially grateful.

I also finished a sock and started it's mate ... I'm very slowly making progress on two other socks and waiting for P to come home before going any further on his. I've frogged a sweater I started last summer and may even work that yarn into a tank for this summer.

That's the end of a lackluster post on a dreary, cold day. I'll try to find something fun to write about this week...

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