Sunday, April 13, 2008

Knitterly Weekend

Two big events have just taken place for the knitters of the Twin Cities.

On Thursday night we got to see Yarn Harlot speak. In spite of driving rain and sleet with blinding lightning and ear-splitting thunder, about 400 people showed up at the University of St. Thomas. I must have been trembling with anticipation since all of my pictures turned out blurry except for this one - my current sock with Harlot in the background:

If you want to see the hilarious show that was put on by The Yarnery before Stephanie spoke, take a look at Shelly's blog for the video of the Yarnery Family Singers.

I love listening to Stephanie speak. I love reading her books. The only thing she left out (imho) about how others view us was the thrifty part - I had a fellow bus rider comment not long ago about how much money I must save since I knit my own socks!?!!

(I will confess that I'm a little worried about her since she still hasn't posted her Twin Cities visit on her blog yet and it's Sunday ... Harlot, are you out there? Are you ok?)

The other big event was Yarnover. I love Yarnover. Thanks to Shelly (different Shelly from above) and all the others who put this event together. This year I took a class from Lucy Neatby - what's not to love:

And I also subjected myself to being photographed for the 1,000 Knitters Project so that I could meet Franklin of the Panopticon:

I love Franklin and all that he writes and knits. I think I was able to hold myself together and not make an a** of myself by gushing (although that may have ended up being pointless babbling instead of gushy babbling, it's hard to say). As far as what the picture looks like, I'm sure Franklin did the best he could with what he had to work with ... I'm in the number 500s.

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kmkat said...

Hiya, Anne! I am a wee bit jealous that you got to go to Yarnover and I didn't, but that's life. Plus I got to go last year.

Isn't Franklin a cutie? I got snapped at Yellow Dog Knits in Eau Claire a few weeks ago (another occasion when I carved out some time for knitting frivolity during tax season). I love your photo of Lucy Neatby -- must send that to #2son; he used to wear a pair of non-matching-but-complementary shoes kinda like hers.

Delightful to chat with you at La Harlot's event! We shall meet again...