Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Expressive Dignity

So it's almost May, and May is the end of the school year - a month filled with activities, which is compounded exponentially when the student is a senior...

...Last night girl child and I went to a "pep-fest" gathering for the IB and honors seniors. The teachers call it a pep fest since the kids still have testing to do all next week. As a parent, I appreciate the fact that they didn't make it later in the year; we could actually go last night and enjoy it.

And enjoyable it was.

Being a public, city school there is no money for anything fancy. This can be turned into a plus, however, with a creative faculty, which was exactly what happened last night. The students had filled out information about themselves, their school memories and what they were looking forward to ... but the frosting on the cake was that they wrote words about each other. The teachers pulled two words from each list and gave them to the students as their graduation gift.

Girl child's words: Expressive Dignity


Anonymous said...

I would totally agree that these word are your girl child ... whadda kid, eh? and the boy child is great, too!!! Your knitting pal!

kmkat said...

IB? At Southwest, perhaps? My #1 son was accepted there but we moved to Wisconsin instead, for which he has finally forgiven us. (He's 23.) Congrats to your girl!