Friday, March 24, 2017


Girl-child mentioned to me, possibly a bit accusatorially, that I haven't posted in a long time.

So here's an update.

I totally fell off the wagon and bought some linen yarn which I hope will become either a tank or a summer cardigan:

#Resist activities continue.  I asked The Girls to design a stamp with a "pussy bites back" theme.  They came up with a great one.  For the record, Zazzle wouldn't print it.  We purchased them through Shutterfly.

I also went to my first postcard-signing open house.  A knitting buddy has them regularly.  It was fun; made me feel good too.

I got my resist pin but am disappointed by how many people think it's a cute kitty pin.  I may have to get the tattoo, if nothing else to let people know that I'm serious.

I hosted a slumber party recently with The Girls and the grandkids.  Soon there will be another with just the kids.

We always have fun either way.  OK, maybe a little more fun when The Girls are away because we are a little lax when Nana is the only adult >:)

I was recently in Atlanta for work.  It went well.  Tonight I'm hoping to make it to D.C. so I can have lunch with Boy-child tomorrow.  I used to go and return in one day but they don't have the 7am departure any more...

Whilst in Atlanta I went to the High Museum.  They had this buggy textile piece which I liked a lot.

Also in art, we have a fabulous Guillermo del Toro exhibit at MIA right now.  I highly recommend it.

Poe is there, and Lovecraft too.

I discovered the Goldfish Memory shawl and have added it to my list of projects I want to knit.  Right now I'm favoring this color combo.

I finished the first of a pair of Phalangees but I'm not sure if I'll make the second one.  I'm afraid it's kind of big (I have very small wrists) and a sproingy yarn would have been better for the pattern.  This is one of my knitting goals for the year: matching up yarns to patterns.  Alas, good matches are still sometimes elusive.

I do like the pattern; it's very clever.  


Kathryn Kienholz said...

Those Phalangees ARE clever. Too bad the designer didn't make a version for small hands. But I bet I could finagle one...

Mary Lou said...

Matching yarn to patterns can be tricky - I am adding inches to something right now because the yarn didn't act like a cotton, which I expected it to. (Remix Light, which I like very much.) Must get to the MIA for that show.