Friday, April 10, 2015

Out and About, Shopping, Food and Booze

Now that I'm pretty much done with the work part, let's go over a few things, shall we? 

The views here can be spectacular. There are a lot of mosques. Many are on high ground. Minarets are tall. The effect is wonderful, especially at certain times of the day:

This is a shot of Galata Bridge with the Tower in the background:

Friday night appears to be THE TIME to be out and about (in case you can't see it, the pedestrian street below is solid people):

Markets and street vendors have beautiful, artistic displays:

I just LOVE buildings like these:

Women may be covered, and they may have skirts that show not only ankles, but knees as well.  With lips.  (I love to Kinnear people, don't you?)

You can purchase belly dancing outfits too:

Carpet shopping is ritualistic.  Tea is served.

Many carpets are pulled down and displayed.  Bargaining is required (she did not buy anything):

Apparently they do not understand at the Hilton that these little boxes are for leftovers:

The wine above is Turkish, btw, so yes, you can get alcohol in this secular, Muslim country (remember, Ataturk died of cirrhosis of the liver).  

The mini-bar is well stocked, although they don't seem to understand that re-filling it would be good for business:

Local food is delicious.  Kebabs and kufta are de rigueur.  There are lots of squashes and eggplant.

For some reason I get another night at the Hilton.  Sunday I will move to a small, reasonably priced hotel in the Sultanahmet part of town where I will be able to walk to many of the main sights.

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