Monday, April 13, 2015

Blue Mosque

I covered nearly the entire city today. The main (new) sight was the Blue Mosque.

It feels rather unassuming from the Hippodrome side.

Proof that I am where I say I am:

From other angles is is anything but unassuming.

The interior is decorated with massive quantities of Iznik tiles.

The effect is stunning.

And it is massive.

I always love the bits that remind me of Spain.

And for the record, the tiles are hand painted.

Every. single. one.

From across the way, and especially with the fountain in the foreground, the view is spectacular.  

After the Blue Mosque was built the architect was sent by the Sultan to add another minaret to the mosque in Mecca; it was believed the Sultan had overdone it by having a mosque with the same number of minarets as the mosque in Mecca.

I love the minarets less now.  They make for great skylines, but the reminders five times a day that it's time to pray can be annoying.


Mary Lou said...

What? No selfie stick?

Archeage Girl said...

So Beautiful.

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