Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Political Musings

It's been an interesting news day, don't you think?

I nearly fell out of my chair when I read the headline that the U.S. and Cuba will (finally) normalize relations.  It's about time!

I'm adding Havana to my bucket list.  It'll be so much easier to get there now!

I know a number of people who went to Cuba via Mexico or Canada - for the adventure as much as anything.  Well, and a couple of Communists who won a trip to Cancun so added on to their trip and went to Havana instead.  My (ex) in-laws went too, for a conference.  Being that they are not U.S. citizens it was no big deal but they did have some interesting stories.  They also brought us a(n illegal) pound of Cuban coffee for a souvenir.  It was delicious.

Also, many years ago, when I was in Paris with Pato, we were following the story of a Cuban poet who was being let out of prison.   Because Mitterand pulled strings which helped Valladares gain his freedom, he went from prison in Havana to Paris.   I was impressed with this man's case not only because he was imprisoned the year I was born and released the year I was married, but it turned out he was staying at the same hotel we were at ... we got to meet him and watch a Scandinavian news crew interview him after breakfast one morning.

In other news Sony has decided to pull The Interview.  Cowards!  

I find this appalling.  It's particularly appalling to me because part of the reason I became a librarian is I believe in the concept of the freedom to read ... because part of the reason I love being a librarian is to be able to professionally support of the concept of the freedom to read ... because volunteer work I've done in the past and the present supports First Amendment rights ... because I am currently reading Joseph Anton: A Memoir by Salman Rushdie.

I was thinking of going to see the movie on Christmas Day to support it but now I have no choice.  I viscerally resent the fact that I am denied the choice.

So, good news and bad.  Let's hope that Cuba loosens up on poets and others, and that North Korea develops a sense of humor.


Mary Lou said...

Sometimes, that Executive Order stuff is pretty useful, no? So interesting. I would love to go to Cuba. So fun to see you last week. Hope the others didn't mind that I took all your time!

Silvernfire said...

I had and have absolutely no interest in seeing The Interview, but I'm appalled that it got yanked. But the whole Cuba thing sounds like a victory of common sense. :)

kmkat said...

And now NKorea denies it had anything to do with the Sony hijack. Who ya gonna believe?

Cuba: I wonder how many hours it will be until Andrew decides he needs to visit Cuba...