Sunday, December 7, 2014

Knit On!

I accidentally purchased some super bulky yarn so I could knit something quick and fun over the Thanksgiving Day weekend. I have no regrets.

The progress on the lace project for 2014 is ... slow.  I'm on row 60-something out of 155 or so.

Boy-child will have new glittens when he gets home from Chile.  I will not weave in the ends until I know they fit.

I'm trying to decide on a pair of socks.  

I'm also planning on making another Habitat hat in purple for myself - to go with the cowl above.


kmkat said...

Nice cowl! And I particularly like that first sock yarn.

Mary Lou said...

I will be leaving the toes off of some socks for the same reason. Teenaged and young adult men feet.

DKN this week, I hope!

Silvernfire said...

It was pretty in person, and it's pretty in pictures too.