Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More YO and Knitting

I have a few more shots of stuff from Yarnover. I would also like to make it clear that I did not purchase anything at Yarnover this year, given that I am trying to declutter, downsize and simplify as I prepare to move. What this means is, I am not virtuous in any way; it is a practical matter.
There is a shop called Lila and Claudine's, which I have never been to, but would like to visit. Apparently, the shop is named after the owners' grandmothers. One knit and the other ... sewed? Anyway, they have lovely yarns, silk scarves and bags (many of the shots I took were from the Lila and Claudine booth at Yarnover). These felted effigies of the grandmothers were on display:
I do have this to show - cardigan in progress, although I have not worked on it for a week, mostly because picking up stitches for the band is going to be awful:

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Mary Lou said...

I did get to wave at you!