Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Airport Shoes

When I was traveling in March and April, I tried to capture some shoes in the airport. I believe that shoes tell us a lot about the people who wear them.

This was a hipster who is not a trustafarian, or at least it looks like he uses his shoes..
These are pretty common. Not a style I care for.
I will never understand traveling in flip flops.  Or wearing them in winter.
This is detestable.  It should be illegal to wear a combination like this.
Nice boots.  I think this was in Salt Lake City, so it even makes sense.
This woman was absolutely not dressed appropriate to age.  It's not like I think we need to be frumpy when we get older, but dreadlocks to the waist is a bit much.  I guess I don't care about the shoes, and this is supposed to be a shoe post, but whatever.
This guy had been traveling a lot, you can be sure.  Nice shoes.  Lace-ups are good for traveling too.
This is a newish style that a lot of men seem to be wearing.  They look super comfy.
Just for the record, I tried getting more women's shoes, but they were moving too fast; the pictures didn't turn out.

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kmkat said...

It makes my feet hurt just to look at people in airports wearing flip flops.