Saturday, October 8, 2011

Likes and Dislikes

I decided to put together a post of pet peeves, but decided that in the interest of balance, I will have to make a list of things I like too...

First, pet peeves:

  • Theorists who have no concept of practical application
  • Women who wear bras that fit so badly their breasts bulge out over the tops of their bra cups
  • People who order excessively for lunch because someone else is paying, and then don't eat what they ordered
  • Mothers who threaten their ill-behaved children non-stop on flights, making everyone's trip miserable
  • Eighty degree days in October (it's unnatural)
  • Acres of stockinette
  • Waiting to hear if you got the job

Next, things that are awesome:

  • Autumn colors
  • Leaves that drift up around parked cars like snow
  • Knit night
  • Hand-knitted goods
  • Leffe beer
  • Criterion movies
  • Blog comments
  • Students who participate in class
  • Clean sheets
  • Piles of pillows
  • Mealtime at a restaurant with one or both of my kids
  • Yarn
  • Books
  • My (new) iPad


Anonymous said...

But, but... librarians covered with cat hair didn't make the list!

Great post. It should become a meme.

soxanne said...

(I left people, especially librarians, covered in cat hair, particularly at conferences in hotels without their cats, off the list since I had already mentioned it to a number of readers)

gayle said...

But which list would the librarians covered in cat hair be on?