Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tree Loss

I've been called names, including "Tree-hater" but I really do like trees. I was a bit distressed the other day when I saw a bunch of trees gone from Highland Parkway.
I thought it was preventative removal related to the Emerald Ash Borer, but apparently not. The map does not show the parkway as part of that plan, which means that the trees they cut down last week are in addition to the EAB prevention removals.
Some of those lost were quite large.
It doesn't look too bad now, but the canopy is going to be affected that's for sure. Thirty percent of the trees in St Paul are ash.
So go out there this summer and plant a tree. Make it something native and hearty, why dontcha?

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Anonymous said...

Our next door neighbor in Minneapolis, when the city had to cut down the elm in the boulevard in front of his house, requested that they put in an oak.

"And make it a big one," he told them. "I'm 80 years old and want to see some shade from it before I die."

They did put in an oak. And he died the next year. (But he was not mourned by me; he was an a$$hole of the first degree.)