Sunday, March 27, 2011


The days are longer now that we've switched to Daylight Saving but it's given the afternoons a surreal feel; we got a ton of snow and cold weather right when the time changed, so at 5:00 it looks like it's 3:00 on a winter's day. At 7:00 it's still light out, but feels like it shouldn't be. I guess this is the "jet lag" of changing time that I've heard people talk about, I've just never experienced it until this past week. Does this mean I'm getting old or can I blame it on the weather?

The discovery of the day was through Facebook (who knew I'd ever find a use for Facebook?) I found out that International Yarn Bombing day is June 11, 2011. Now I have a target date for some special tagging project yet to be determined.

Speaking of knitting, I went to Needlework, Unlimited's 40th birthday bash before going to Mexico and won pattern and yarn for a leafy shawl. Seemed like a good idea to start it on the trip; the yarn is a cotton/linen blend, so perfect for the season, right?

And some limeade Reversi socks for a friend's (September) birthday (sorry, I wasn't going to show you but I rather like the way they're turning out. Hope you do too).

And a pair of red socks for a Christmas present (not pictured). Oh, and I made a sweater:
I'm on top of it this year ... maybe.

Turns out I have to be on top of it since I picked up another 20 hour/week job. It's working as a "Bilingual Associate Educator" in Minneapolis at an elementary school that has a large Hispanic population. It is, in fact, a very, very poor student population with over 60% ESL and 97% of the kids are on free or reduced rate lunch. I only worked a few days before spring break, but tomorrow I'll be at it full force. It seems funny to me that I've returned to my bleeding-heart roots; I'm working with disadvantaged kids in the morning and then with non-traditional adult students in the afternoons/evenings. I like it all (I may have to work 'till the day I die but by god I'm at least going to do what I like).

The weekend included a visit with Kate and Wyatt. It's so fun to get a baby fix. I love fuzzy baby heads:There's baby bling now - didn't exist back when I had babies - so you have a teething ring handy alwaysIt's still fun to watch them sleep:I've started The Book Thief, which I found at Value Village for $1. Can't say I know what to think of it yet. For travel reading I took Kindred to Mexico, which was recommended to me by one of the peer tutors at work. It was a fantastic book for the plane. Susan is trying to get book club going again; I'm interested to see what is chosen and who shows up.

In the movie department I recently watched Facebook (interesting but what a bunch of jerks), Coraline (creepy) and Inception (a little too weird but entertaining enough).

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