Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2nd

Sometimes I feel like the past year has gone by so fast it's just a blur. Then I think to myself, hey, that happened in 2009 too.

On Monday (Monday it was still November) I was switching an appointment for later in the week. When the receptionist said something about December 3rd I said, "No, it was for this week" to which she replied, "This week is December"

Right. I knew that.

Can't really say what's been keeping me so busy, but I've been busy. Work at both places is going well. I enjoy the difference in the pace and the purpose between retail sales and academia. I've done a little shopping. I've made some Christmas cookies. Today I brought up the Christmas stockings, the music and the movies (I'm so excited! I hadn't remembered that we have Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD but there it was. Have I mentioned in the past that I love that movie? Gonzo as Charles Dickens cracks me up almost as much as Wishbone playing Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice).

I've also been knitting a little bit. I have a sock in progress (no photo). I have this scarf. It's a reversible cable:

And I have this sweater, which is pretty close to done:
I don't knit Christmas gifts - can't take the pressure - so I've been taking my time, doing what I can when I have the chance and enjoying it. Can't complain about that.


Anonymous said...

I have been admired that sweater pattern for quite a while. Yours is great!

Suzique said...

So pretty!!