Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Yes, we did celebrate Christmas and yes, I'm still here. I had limited computer time at home while Pato prepared for a trip to Chile so I'm behind, but I plan to catch up now.

The children decorated cookies the morning of the 24th
They fought a little. With chocolate. It was a mess. Everyone had fun and it's all cleaned up now.
The tree was properly dressed and there were lots of pretty packages underneath.
Some held bigger surprises than others.
There was lots of good food.
Good laughs.
Festive hair dressings.
Even grumpy types were having fun.
Pato will be prepared to stay warm while shoveling when he gets back from Chile.
We played a new game and it was loads of fun.

Coming soon: Frozen Minnehaha Falls and Soxanne's first Timberwolves game

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Anonymous said...

Mmm, good food! Love Pato's hat -- we call the down-scale version (vinyl and acrylic pile) "idiot hats" round these parts because Smokey always looked like an idiot in his. The fur kind are much more attractive!