Wednesday, May 3, 2017

LWB 2017 Kid Programming

Librarians Without Borders was a great experience for all of us...

We were greeted by the whole school on Monday.

And then there was recess.

The school founder is well grounded and focused.

The little kids got masks with their story.

And a play.

And then they did a word recognition and sentence making activity with blocks.

The middle group liked their story.

After which they made masks.


We read the first chapter of A Monster Calls with the older kids.

They had some reflective moments and then a "human knot" activity after the story.

 They had fun (and so did the librarians).

There was a bit of a nature theme going on for Earth Day.

And the tree ended up being a great addition to the library.

We brought 200 books, purchased an additional 100 and got them all cataloged and processed!


Kathryn Kienholz said...

Gold stars all around!

Mary Lou said...

Such a great program!!